Sunday, August 1, 2010

3 0.2 r o c k (s)

Well I’m turning/ I’ve turned 30. Relax I’m not going on a things you must do before you are 30.

As some of you may know, my birthday and my marriage share the same date. People blame it as a conniving way to forfeit expenses and a cheeky excuse to forgetting future Anniversaries.

Its been a fantastic 2 years with its share of highs and lows.
Just the past year, has been eventful with Ajay and Roshen tying the knot,
visiting SFO, Phoenix, Vegas, London,
seeing FLW, Libeskind, Gehry,
meeting the boys at LA,
Driving the Pacific Coast,,,,,,,(wopppeee)
understanding the Indian real estate scenario first hand with sale, purchase and remittances and the many loopholes,
sumam fighting the recession with an array of interesting jobs ,
the birth of 9one, the first show for 91 people,
the desibel rising phenomenon,
mum and dad taking more breaks for themselves and together,
negating the negative forces
lotta friends getting married this year,
changes in work profile, clearing off 2 personal loans,
inching towards financial security, (the myth)
and more importantly a small jump in my faith,

So well the way I look at it, its been a blessed year and considering that this life is a donation from the Lord almighty….I think I need to take charge and steer it in the direction that – “I think and he knows”
  • Thank you God for providing
  • Thank you Mom and Dad for being the executive Producers on this mega – reality show
  • Thanks Ajay for getting the ring to the altar in time………….
  • Thank you all siblings and friends for giving me a flashback that brings smiles year after year
  • Thank you sumam for bringing the “WE” into my WEEKENDS……….

30.2 ROCK (s)

signed this day 2nd August 2010


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Sheba said...

Happy B'day G-force!! I hope you have a rocking good time this year!!!