Monday, February 8, 2010

my 2010 - HI

Hi there,

I know its been ages and yes this is not a forward.There I go again appearing and disappearing on / off the radar like some genie.

I'm on the last leg of my holiday, which is the night before I start work and wanted to touch base with you , before getting lost in the corridors of cyberspace again.

As an update, I did hit the US and Uk, but it was more for my Brother - AJAY's wedding held at Phoenix, in the US on the 21st n 22nd of January,2010. Ajay , who i prefer to call a glorified keyboard player (see it sounds way better than saying he's in IT).......Coming back to the point - Ajay n Roshen (i.e my bhabhi) a lawyer, by God's grace had a bodaciously (Don't google it............I assure you there is no word like this......)fantastic wedding.
Well after the respective hush-hush bachelor and bachelorette parties at Vegas (hmmm......)...and the multi-faith weddings in both the catholic christian and the hindu iyengar rites, ajay and roshen were found marooning in a no-network zone in BALI.
Using this opportunity to re-construct a hypnotic version of a vacation I Abducted one of the bridesmaids sumam..........(oh......ok sh'es my wife, but abducting the bridesmaid was a more exciting version)...............Thence, sumam n I made the quickest possible dash from Arizona, through to San Francisco, the pacific coast highway (tres gorgeous) , down into LA before slam dunkin into Sumam's surprise birthday at Vegas (yes .............again!!!!!!!)
So after hitting the US and a brief stopver at London, I realised i may never be in an emotionally volatile state ( not emotional from the wedding.................but hypo-paranoid from the subsequent credit card bills) to type you a long personalised email anytime before next year.
So i figured,before I stare Normalcy in the face , by getting back to work , everyday life...........i wanted to touch base with you and find out how you were getting along. We may not talk much , but because of social evils such as facebook I can stalk you, in the guise of a friend.............(Georgi lets out his evil sinister yawn!!!!!!!).
So, I wanted to say i did think of you, and this is my bit to push the ferry across the bridge. Yuo may feel the need to reply if the dictionary to comprehend this gibberish if out of publication.
If not, Have a great year .............
Warmest regards,
ps: The annotation is only so that you don;t screw up my spelling..........come on.......Its' one letter..........>Can't be that difficult.........
ps2: Im still seemingly employed with ATKINS, as an architect based out of Bahrain. (, as a Design junkie ....aka Architect, where they restrict me from ruining the world's skyline any further.
ps3: In case you're wondering , where this mail is going..........I wish at least one of us knows the answer to that.
ps4: Don't ask me why you weren't invited............Don;t ask me why I didn't call..............but hey I mailed you right.......So the score is georgi.....1, and you........well if you still aren't tempted to reply - ur score is zero.
ps5 - Design still underway by Sony....

WEDDING PICS are on ..they're getting there

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sheba said...

Okay you asked for it dude, first of all well done on getting started on your own 'serious' endeavour to leave an indleible footrpint of your life on realise this is the point when all your friends(especially the mallus) secretly smile and make evil digs about you to people who probably don't even know you (check out But having said that, which I believe just did, I think it's a great idea, only because 1 day; when you feel particularly old and doddery you most certainly will be able to look back on these glorious narcissistic posts and then pretend to the few remaining NRI mallus(all the others would have died from various hypertensive disorders owing to a steady diet of too much beef and alcohol) that you remember what it was like to be a handsome, virile young man who had this insatiable appetite for life, while remaining was terribly in love with himself..and those token mallus on your side will still be jealous and try to outdo your prowess and wit. But only after they invite you around for fresh kappa and meen curry which you will be too cool for at that stage, and G will have the last laugh after all..
P.S: You asked for it dude!

sheba said...

So cool that you guys caught up with Jeffrey and Bino..good times!

mr. G said...

@ sheba - Thanks _ I hope to now get mroe readers, because there is proof that someone actually reads this. Also, I won't be surprised if this post, dictates the need for you to stay away from the potential fan following that coul ensue from ur comment. Rock on!!! G