Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This day......This year

SEquence of events for my great grandkids to blog and see that hey- thier grandad rocked!!! ps: Brangelina have proved after adopted differentially abled and pigmented children, may still happen......
lets jsut get to the date shall we......

31st July - the "Madaram" function
2nd August 11am - The wedding at Cochin, india
2nd August 1pm - The luncheon reception at Cochin
2nd august 8pm- The evening Kerala - themed wedding extravaGanza at Denny's island.
3rd August - Hitting Trivandrum to rendezvous with a visibly pregnant Jean santosh. stayed at Mascot hotel
4th August - After a quick breakfast at the appachai's at kv-20, dashed off the Maldives.
HIt kandooma a gorgeous contemporary expression of the resort architecture. Latest resort in maldives that opened in

June 2008. talk about timing!!! The water villa set the tone for the newly weds to get wet and wild/........oops!!!
7th august - moved to kurumba the oldest resort at maldives for a dash of beach

10th - The exodus from Maldives was met with a brief tour of male with an efficient tour poerator and then a dash

to Lanka to soak in geoffrey Bawa and the local shopping
12th - The Dash from Ahungalla to gaulle to colombo and finally to Namma Bengaluru, India
16th - wow we're in Kochi again- Ammaachi's aand, Kevin's engagement all dotted along the busy route to the airport
17th - Ammchi Mumbai - met the in-loves and was showered on with love sprinkled with shopping and movies.
19th - The Grand welcome or Grihaprabesha of the new bride into the new home. Abuzz with energy and a an army of

close friends the session was loud and beautiful.
23rd - The Baby clan threw us a fantastic reception with a true to the script Play, song, fun and

Come September
8th- Mexico-zying in casa mexicana to celebrate susha's 4th or 6th birthday.
12th -Onam-istical experience - sadya, kootam, paayasam, loose unfurled lungi et al
18th - Soman Uncle's 18th birthday- quiet with a dash of insanity
19th - Onam again- this time the grand bash at the newly inagurated bahrain keraleeya samajam
23rd- Wow we went to lulu hypermarket for the nth time.......Ok i think the pace of my blog is dipping.
24th- Mani n madhu have jsut arrived after their 2 engagements and 3 weddings.

For pictures - visit Orkut or picassa


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