Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the marr.i.aGe SaGa

Its interesting how I am getting married.
The tickbox akin to Quality Checksin most large companies reminds of the most basic things that you tend to overlook. I aint praising QA/QP but its got its way.
O coming to the marriage, well Today is the 20th day of july in the year AD two thousand and eight.
The scenario – it’s a fairly pale day IN Bahrain today. The summer sun , masquerading behind the glass, while our commendable double insulated Glass panels ensure light hits you minus the heat and glare.

The mood: Its 3pm, I ve just finished part of a huge workload before I move to Cochin later this week on 24th July to subsequently get married on the 2nd Of August.(for more dramatic effect you could read it with a morbid tone in the same manner written above- My god who talks like that)

Well Ive distributed cards to every soul in the office today, except Raghavan, the office lizard, who has improved his traction and 4WD ability, by sticking onto the glass in a clumsy manner. Never saw a lizard on glass before. It’s a baby- hence kinda stupid- hence the nubile attempts at GL-ICE Skating.

Well Im working on a couple of jobs. O did I mention I was an architect. Typo – make that AM an architect.

I just realize I wanted to blog about marriage, and document this piece for reference to see how things change like the way people say.. Couples stop laughing, the sex diminishes, the touching becomes time-tabl-ish, the company becomes morose. Ok I am getting quite a lot of negative stuff bout relatiships that are supposed to be forever and ever.

I , as all those who went before , pledge to make her laugh-at me, with me, at other people who wont understand why Sim n I click the way we do. Not that its some superhuman coochi coo couple like in Honeymoon travels. But, with a few minor tweaks and barring the occasional eruptions, which im told are humanly normal (Im not).- so like I said barring that its fine.

Whether I will have the readers’s (that is you) patience to read this whole episode, a then actually reflect or deflect as the case may be, is another story.

I m going to get married to someone I love, and I guess it’s a good feeling. And it is this strength that I want to cherish, so when we’re 74 on the patio, I could still be hooked onto a ventilator, but yet Wink at her, and she’d be coy.
Too much to ask? Too much to give?
There’s only one way to find out.
Btw- If I havent’ invited you for the wedding, its only cuz I don’t want sumam to know the truth yet.

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Jean said...

i just realised that u had further entries.. i was reading thru & i just had to comment on this one..

i just cant imagine sumam being coy when u are 74!!!!