Sunday, August 26, 2007

Work-a-Holic.........naa work a whole lot!!!!

Ive been hiding behind the veil of work. To the extent of being stickered “ Workaholic”. You actually begin to start thinking…me workaholic? ? huh? Whateva gave u that impression. Yes I do somehow manage to clock in an hour/2 extra at work. See there it goes again, How you can you tell an architect, let your creative juices flow from 8-1, then secrete gastric juices, then get back into creative mode. Its difficult.But hey, I think if nobody the creatively licensed hounds,SHUT UP…….STOP……Enough…we’d either be at work the whole day or at home the whole day.
Creativity is that label that brandishes insanity with a penchant for “paid labour”. I mean hey it takes a non-creative dude to usually tell u, ur creative juices mean a lot, so can you finish this mammoth task in 10 minutes? Ha!!!!

Coming back onto the backgammon of a conversation I began, workaholic……Hmm…….is that someone who loves working(despite all the lies there is no one who actually does it)
So is it someone who hides his social inadequacies behind the veil of work? Means he cant get people talking/stalking or rocking so he sticks to his table, away from the mesh of chaos at home/outside. OR is a workaholic a perfectionist… who cant’ let sleeping dogs lie…….I mean its difficult for me to leave something unfinished, after doing 60 percent. I need to finish…..ara……….I need to finish it.

Hell. I party harder than most 21 year olds, so don’t call me anti social. I don’t get paid overtime, so don’t think me making a casino from my piggybank, I don’t get bored, cuz I don’t honestly have the time. I don’t have a sleep problem, cuz the world I awake in, knows I am blessed with slipping into oblivion, at the tug of the epithelial layer on my head.
I like to finish work. I like to finish food, I like to finish first……I like to be the best at what I can do…….I finish this.


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