Sunday, August 26, 2007

pro-cast-ill write this later!!!! ha!!!

Well Its done, my procrastination has surpassed even my expectations, I have been meaning to reply to all the wonderful people masquerading as friends, who actually took the pain, the effort, the time to write me down a scrap/a mail/ a card. I mean seriously I am touched.
I may not have gotten down to sending you an individual reply, but I hear you, I get you and hey I owe you. 2007 has beeen the year of me forgetting ara….also read as……….so on repeat mode………2007 has been the year of me forgetting birthdays/ life in general.
Ive been hiding behind the veil of work. To the extent of being stickered “ Workaholic”.
Like the G heard, " There's no better time to procastinate than Now". Rock on!!!

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