Monday, July 9, 2007

Well For those of you who have been asking for pics of my new buddy – Eddie………Eddie Bauer……….Well Eddie is a nice guy, smooth on the exterior with just enough macho looks. Don’t really like the feminine men…..
So about eddie, well his lineage is of great repute, the ford Explorer Eddie bauer, He’s a week old , 4.0 L -V6, packs in 232 bhp, and is healthy at 1984 kg.
Eddie, has already clocked 853 km in the tiny island of Bahrain and well Has already has his (Nath uthaared).

Thank you all for your patience to try and comprehend this gibberish.
Have a nice day,
Georgi Jose and Eddie Bauer


sumam said...

how did u manage to clock 853km in a week..??commendable!!
cant wait to ride in it..

Ajit said...

patha nahi how i landed up on ur blog...but neat i must say...!! and ya super gaadi..!!

Kiran Kumar said...

Hay Georgi,

What a nice car! Love it.

Can i add you in the blogroll of my blog?