Monday, July 9, 2007

In inane desire to let go,
To destress, detox, de-know,
All the knowledge is hounding the options
To hit the par excellence belt.

The river is wicked cuz it has its way,
It’s a bright sunny, chirpy day
Random thoughts and blogs away,
I desire my mind to be freed away

I have no shackles, I have free will,
I choose to be what I am.
Whetehr I exercise –my options . myself,
Are a bleak know-no.

I want to start, but I procrastinate,
I am what I last ate.
Maybe its time to show the world,
Theres more and more to find the gold.

So here I am writing my mind,
With no sense, no punctuated breaths,
If it makes sense voila, I hit it,
If it doesn’;t , go #*%* away (read as blog away)

- G

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