Monday, March 12, 2007

Men are from Mars. Fullstop.!!!!

Well Ive been reading a whole lotta stuff as why women think “Man” in general leaving aside 0.00763 percent is termed A-Hole.

Well what can I say, its like opening up a can of worms. The entire world is debating on this matter. John gray safely titled his book as Women are from venus………thence men are from mars.
I mean the fact they he has given us both equal weightage as divine beings are being questioned as you brood onto your screen.

Well, most women tend to think we……..yes we….me, on behalf of most of the brethren. I mean Just think of a show : Sex and the City . I mean If a guy wrote a sex column, he’d be a perv, but is sarah JP did the same, shes’ a celebrity.
Ps: Hey I mean I would luv to read what women write bout the not-so-taboo topic….Thats why these columns sell……ha!!! Why would one guy want to hear the mind of another man……..its the same, a couple of micro mm apart!! Ha..woops!!! sorry wrong side!
But hey I advocate the cause that men are a simpler lot, and women despite knowing what we want, still don’t give it to us. I mean isn’t it quite easy and cut out for them.
For women, they generally think, seen one man, seen em all.
Men tend to give more women chances. I mean, even men in joyous relationships forge friendships with women (read as hot and attractive). Its more of a thing to satiate the hungry ego. You know giving that 16 year old in you, a timid reminder that you haven’t lost it. The fact that the woman thinks you are a Safe and committed guy who she doesn’t have to :worry about” sends out a signal of comfort levels being established.
The man looks down at his radar/sensor/ whatever weird name we come up with and says hey buddy, I still got it.
O what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to “perceive”.
O just before you catapult your imagination on a trip wondering what the hell is the connection with Mars,……well just thought of the fact, that the men and women who work at MARS chocolate company, collectively probably say, we’re from Mars………….hmmm……….venus being dissolved…na!!! That would be brutal blow to Man-kind and the not so kind men.

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