Monday, March 5, 2007


ok,.for some wierd reason cant stop humming, yaara jhoom jhoom.......damn the reshm-ness!!!Well Ive been reading a lotta stuff that a lady friend, actually, jsut an aquaintance, well this lady called Jhoomur Bose. Guys, thats some reading. I , unlike, most men, would admit to reading a cosmo / femina or some of those chick stuff, not to get into the psyche/pants of women, but to actually wonder what sets them apart, What makes one a DICK? and the other tick? Hmmm........that suddenly seemed really vague.
Anywayz, gets you thinkin that hey The eternal conflict of man and woman....and quite positively of man in woman.....and as jhoomur puts it so well.......the emancipation of eve....
Anywayz, Just wanted to salute this woman, for writing stuff, that is actually readable!! in my books lady, Rock on!!! G

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