Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Livin va vida loca?

Well It’s a chirpy Wenesday. Mid-week on the anvil of a deadline.2 hours later home. 2.5 hours later a generous shower…….3 hours later That Dvd that has ostrich-ed its head into my player. Had put it in about 2 weeks ago, haven’t; had the time to put play yet. And there I was two blogs ago, describing how we have no time to stand and stare.
Ha!!! Well Just wanted to share the joy of ebing alive. Today commemorates technically my 4th birthday after the accident at Bangalore. I’d like to thank friends I had from before, friends I made thereafter, and the family that stormed the gateways of heaven to get me back to life. 32 stitches, 7 kilos and oodles of sex appeal later, I have emerged.
Almost reminiscing the phoenix.
Not gonna run back , but Would like to tell you that it all happened in 7 seconds. And that’s when I decided to live life to the max. I mean 7 seconds could have changed the life of my near and dear ones – Mine well…I would be dead, so I can nix my name off the list.
So here’s a blog to celebrate life, to celebrate our existence on the face of the earth, to explore the possiblities, to go boldly forth.
Hasta la vista
Its round two for me, and I’m not gonna go without a fight.
Live large……..and all of ya ….that makes two of us……….ROCK on!!!

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