Monday, April 9, 2007

happy F-east-Her

Im 26, tiptoeing onto the next stage of life. Some call it a sober awakening. Others a rude shock. Shit ….This blog sounds like a guy going in for a vasectomy, hence I will try and control the non-sexual undercurrent that never interests anyone.
Well Its easter.
Taking a toll of the time that has passed, I’m 9 months into my new job, I just had an appraisal, I moved back to be with family after 10 years of being a gypsy, wandering from damsel to manzil(urdu I suppose for “destination/goal”).
OK, not that im a womanizing type. I like to have women around. They’re fun. They can be bothered about so many thoughts at the same time, while we guys just need one sorry-ass reason to guzzle alcohol.
Its not that I can stay like Hugh Heffner (mentor-playboy inc)…..damn someone gimme that job and I’d like to see sexual harassment being a reason to resign. Hugh has a good life, U wear pajamas all day, you have hot quintuplets to surround you, and bloddy hell you make money while doing all the above. Did I forget to mention you’re famous as well. But I’m sure he has his share of yoga to de-stress him from all the work he “does”.
Pun definitely intended.
Guys most often spend time, narrating tales of how they got sloshed last year, how many chicks they were with at one give point of time (referred to as ‘youth’ by some), the bottles that got over that dreary Thursday evening, that kickass car that the boss has, or the new chick everyone in testo-sterone land wants.
I mean hey Rang De basanti, was a definitive tale of todays metro slash(/) uber / retro sexual man/men. The testo-sterone was addictive, which is why you see that chicks luv to hangout with guys, but guys cant hangout with chicks. Ok I need to rephrase that……ha!!!
I could go on and on about so many unrelated thoughts that are bombarding my cerebrum with the force befitting a not-so0idle mind.but hey its Easter, I m back to my carnivorous ways. Women (2-legged nad 4 legged -----------BEWARE!!!!!)

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