Tuesday, January 9, 2007

To bloG or not to blog

Hmmm….I’m alive!!! Good to be here!! After the thousands of emails begging me to stop bloGging and polluting people’s minds. I have decided to make peace with myself, and go boldly forth. Hmmmmm…..As you can see, this blog is supposed to have a label , a subject, a purpose. Ladies and Gents…..Presenting the bloG…Complete nutrition to ur grey cells, for those of you who don’t know where it is. Look between your legs.
Anywayz, I think creative expression is as important a vent as an orGasm. Its funny Everytime, I try to highlight the word G in important words, It all gets automatically reduced to small G. I think Microsoft is onto me. But I’m using a Windows enabled system to actually type this. Well im gonna make this short,
If anything happens to me, Digen Verma did it!!!! You remember Digen right…….The hotshot from the mindblwoing Frooti revamp ads. Well So much of a bloG about nothing this turned out to be.
For the love of God, go surf porn or some site that’ll make you join the dots, Stop reading and start writing.
Have a nice day,
Now that you can account for 3.42 minutes of your life reading this gibberish, I suggest you go get a shag, even better go shower……for people with real goals. You could get back to work!!!
Rock on,

1 comment:

pallavi said...

love your 'G'ibberish....haha...