Sunday, January 7, 2007

baba black sheep

Today is the 8th of Jan,2007. Shit we're already here!! Had a peaceful that was threatened by a movie called "Baba kalyani", actually had the nerve and the guts to watch it. Must other than the first 2.6 hours , the movie is fantastic. This is Malaylam, yes, I do watch, didnt i mention that...........Anywayz, a director of great, an overweight heavywieght of Malayalam cinema and a sort of known actress, in this razzmattaz love story between cops and terrorists. The etheral Jehadis, who actually want to go down to sleepy ol' kerala to shake their booty.
The movie goes nowhere, adn the viewers at least get to go home. Thank God for small mercies!!! i know bloggin is free, but hey this movei doesn't deserve a blog. A let down. but its not boring.......SO scale of 1:10............5.1
name: Baba Kalyani
starring: Mohanlal, Mamta, and a whole lotta other dudes and dudettes. Other than mamta, everyone dons a moustache in this Mal psycho-somatic thriller.

If you have a girlfriend who wants to go for a movie or a wife who wont shut up or kids who bug you for money, people run to and then from " Baba Kalyani". Wait a minute, you want Trivia dont ya............check this out........The #562 Richest man is " baba kalyani",

#562 Baba KalyaniAge: 57Fortune: inheritedSource: EngineeringNet Worth: 1.4 Country Of Citizenship: IndiaResidence: Pune, India, Asia & Australia
Industry: Engineering/ConstructionMarital Status: married, 1 child
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master of Science

MIT engineer runs the $1.5 billion (sales) Kalyani group. Flagship Bharat Forge is the world's second-largest forgings manufacturer, with customers including Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Honda and DaimlerChrysler. Group is building capacity overseas with acquisitions in the U.S. and Europe.

Maybe he should use his wealth to stop this movie !!!! ha!!! Rock on people!!!

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