Saturday, January 20, 2007

G.........also for Guru

Viewers, The Mani Ratnam saga continues. Giving you a tale from everyday, a small town, a big vision, a colosal starcast and the thing most movies lack today, a Story.
The moview opens with the Not-so-small B, donning up makeup,a pout, 11kgs and a feelgood smile that puts u in perspective of the things to come.
Small time boy who strikes it BIg, cuz he dreams big. ANd hey Dreams can be realised.
I mean you see the Russel Crowe effect waking up in India. You know the controlled intensity, a directors' actor nad a non-formula film. Just afeel good factor.

Mani's Southern touch, even in this GUjrati epic, cant be washed out. I mean hey My mom cant make pasta without spices either. So let go of that. But Aby baby shows his shoulders have grown to carry the Bacchan legacy. People might argue its his finest , but I think this is jsut hte beginnning. But must say, I hate Ash and i thought this was the best piece of work she has and iwll ever do. Smart woman!! DId her best movie, and then married into the FIrst Family of Bollywood!!!

Everyone has a place,even mallikas gyrations were welcome. The story is the winner all the way, but unfortunately for the first time, Mani taking an exodus from the Santosh Sivan school of thought does have a profound impact on cinematography.
U can understand Mani wanted to capture realism, But he should have used one of Ram Gopal Varma's boys. More cinematography focus, would have highlighted this flick as a contender for that eternal sace on ur DVD rack.

AR Rahman, Just manages, Though I think A great background score and just Mallik'as initial gyration would have maintained the tempo for this offering.

Mani, I always complained had a great movie , great music, great everytihng, but managed to screqw up endings....for some reason, its like he didnt know where or how to Stop. But Guru brandishses that label. Rahman, jsut doing Mani a favour, ABhishek, giving indian movies CINEMA, and Ash saying, I'm getitng hitched, so this will make u guys remember me as a performer also , Mithun-da in a role that a veteran deserves., and this friend of guru who cuts his hand, dont know his name yet-------Ive been watching him, he's like a bollywood Jack Black of sorts.

Synopsis, U have to watch this, The earthy touch or sentiments may not Appeal to those who want to watch a Flick, but for cinema lovers, yeah Rusell Crowe aka abhishek aka a treat. I'll give u a better synopsis in a bit!!! this is tooooo long!!!!!

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