Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016 - Skidding into Q2 from Q1 already

Note to self: 
2016 is the year of the monkey ( Chinese New Year jargon).
Lot of exciting things happening this year - as I truly believe my quest within for the past couple of years has helped connect with a deeper sense of purpose.That juxtaposition where passion meets purpose is a truly inexplicable high.I am in more ways than one , grateful for the numerous blessings and moreover the ride this far. I think the pic below epitomises my thought:

Like they say,

Text is losing its appeal as they say pictures speak a thousand words and now i think videos speak a million words. In the age of reducing attention spans, I probably just want to jot down some important professional aspects.
I realised making / updating your own profile is a task that has no match. The amount of introspection and validation that volley around a sheet that is supposed to impress someone else as much as it does you, is a sheer exercise in expectations.

Let's see what did we do this year across the realms - rebranding Catalyst, inching towards a more distinct identity. Education - achieving goals ( in part) that were almost considered impossible and Design Thinking - furthering the bridge between design and other realms.

I'm getting clearer on the space I want to be in....... and these 2 thoughts resonate the most I guess for now


Personally - So much to be thankful for.......
Hopefully will retrun soon with a spunkier post. This initial bit helps un-rusting some of the skill that has been curtailed to 140-characters.

By G
From G,
To G,

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