Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The inescapable - a Georgi Jose point of view in 2005

Link to original piece in a newspaper in Bahrain from 2005

The Inescapable

The clock strikes; It's time

Wait! Can I get a couple of minutes more?

I guess not, your time is up,

You prayed, I heard. But come on, pack up

Oh Lord, there is some unfinished business, I see,

A couple of minutes, an hour at most,

to cherish those people who mean the most to me.

"I want to kiss, I want to hold,

My kids, my wife, my niece,

My dog, my nephew,

The list is endless you see"

"O mortal, I pity your strings, your attachments,

your incessant yearning for 'love'.

You have no schedule, nor any sure idea,

You neither decide your time of birth

and have no say in the time you die.

You are bound to this realm by bonds

that you bequeath to your own.

You stop one breath short and flash my name

To your rescue I should swoon.

I have a job, both dirty and tough,

But someone's gotta get it done,

I have my team,

when I come to recruit more,

like you they ask me for time.

Sorry to interrupt but this time I could have stolen a life,

My memories you trample, mean so much to me.

my kids, my wife.

Oh! I dare ask you again: Can I borrow a couple of minutes from my time.

I see the light, I know my time's here

I awaited this moment for all day long.

I couldn't fathom, it would be here, not now,

It would bring my life to stop now.

NO time wasted, I gave you a life for that,

I would have stretched your longevity,

But there are other deserving souls

Who need to join me.

So come child, come now

Unto you the next life I bestow,

Let me tell you about it,

While you leave your skin on the earth below.

Tomorrow, they'll find you pale and hearty,

They'll grieve, they'll shriek, they'll cry,

But when they realise your destination,

They'll succumb to the answer to why.

So come child, come now,

You have a long journey ahead of you,

You may make it, you may not,

I guess the one thing you learnt with your last journey was,

I reap as I sow"

So I guess no extra time, no more innings,

It's now, this time, this frame,

You are going to be a part

of the bigger picture and then be reduced to a name. 

- Georgi Jose

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