Monday, April 13, 2009

Quick flash - cant call this a post.........just a jumpstart

Wow - Talk about the king of Procrastination. Actually, for a change I aint’; hiding under being lazy. I just didn't feel like writing- barring the fact that hardly anyone with an IQ above 154 would read the shit I write. But hey if there is some intelligence, in all this- do let me know - and I'll stop.

Oct 08 - My last blog - Thats - 1,2,3......duh 4....6 Months of no blogs.
If I do a flashback akin to mr. jumper from the movie jumper. I guess its been a saga of events – those can be stated and some that are best forgotten. Im kidding I only forgot, cuz I don’t remember it. This brandishing sense that there is a point at the end of this line. So here I blog again- just for the love of letting go at the keyboard – a verbal masturbation of sorts. Ok don’t do if that is ever going to be read in the right sense. But whatever.

Did a decent amount of clubbing and pubbin in Bahrain- saw a whole lot of movies cuz my saner half , also my partner in crime is with me. Wedding no wedding – It’s a treat to watch shit with someone who shares similar tastes, yet are so distinct. I really need to say how much I love this chick from being so entirely opposite to me and my system. Obviously, I would be expected to be go on with some epistle about marriage. Not me- The journey has just begun- and so far its abeen a pleasure- Lets see if the 5 year or 7 year or 70 year ITCH, bogs me down in the years to come. Stay tuned to this space!!!! Hopefully if my wife can withstand being around a nonsense junkie- I can blog more about that.

Till then it’s a simple life. Things we’ve done- malu events, restaurant hopping, 6 month anniversary – her birthday at cafĂ© Italia, adliya, her maiden tript o dessange, our collective attempt at breathing sense to members of a higher order, Voicerovers for a play, clubbing, shots more regular to the movies than my mom’s insulin shots, couple of desi nights, meeting up with buddies who make life worth the effort, catchin Bigfoot at Bahrain International circuit, bowling, driving around, staying apart, travelling separately, shopping, eating, meeting, birthday bashes, and lastly the easter bash.

Yes, not that this is blasphemy, but this seems to be a good vent.

Stay tuned.

Not my best – but hey its an update / teaser/ whatever……..lots more to come.


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