Monday, November 19, 2007

Anvil of 08 - -shit-rospective

There is an amazing sense of pride as I write this. I am going on Holiday, after a self imposed exile, where I ostriched my head into work. Yes using this w-ie-ord for the second time. Im looking forward to it. Its been a while. Its shocking that Next year I will be celebrating 5 years as an architect, getting married to a sweetheart (ooops does she know bout it?) and also getting geared for the next phase.

I guess my whole temporary goal pursuit, has been a quick jump into the rat race, where by God’s grace I landed on my own two feet. I am not proud that I have achieved, still a lot more than can be done, but that fact that I can achieve.

Those of you who know bout my tryst with Mr.Destiny on a bustling railway platform in Kottayam, know bout the twists that chanced meeting caused. To cut a long story short, I selected architecture from the “options available board”, much to the dismay of my dad. Dad probably thought a little Chemistry or computers would head me to Harvard to take on the world.
Luckily, I took a decision (I like the ability to take decisions and to stick by it- Free will is the gift of the heavens that is squandered by the mere.- Georgi jose, contemporary S-thinker) . Almost dropped out of archi school, got back, and finished with a vengeance- Don’t expect Ayn Rand to be inspired. Started working – all against the tide of Leaving Architecture in my 3rd year.

This keeda to do more and more , and from design junkie cum spot boy cum sexbomb, I jumped into Atkins. I still retain the sexbomb designation (except when it comes to Tinxx- another story.sigh)

Well I guess 5 years later, Im a little more educated, a lot more focused and in control and horribly bordering on FatTtT. Yes I said it in print. I need to work out!! I want to be thinner. It’s a state of mind,
I have gone on savage reductions twice in my life (none of them mechanical – just hard work). The effects have always been positive. I have hiding behind work too long, and Its true, I do work a lot, that’s only because I can and because I want to do all this faster and retire at 35.

“So 2008, sees me reducing to half, just to accommodate a better half.” – wow – is today punchline day or what!
Wish me luck. I feel like running already!!!!

Something tells me reading this 4 months from now – is going to be a good and bad thing!! Paradoxxxxxxxx!!!!

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Ajit said...

haha...i totally rem the story of the destiny chance at kottayam rly station...!! kahaan se kahaan tak...