Saturday, October 6, 2007

G for Gaddaar

watch johnny gaddaar for the following reasons:
1) I liked it
2) Good movie
3) Decent Acting, some very impressive like zakir and vinay and even Neil boy and the chick as Varsha
4) Great Direction
5) good technicians incl. Muralee Camera.....pooja nice editing dudette
6) Music Suits the flavour........S,E, L
7) paisa vasool
8) Insipred by the tarantinos', the real ramu's, the coen brothers, the Rohan Sippy's and a lot of sincere dedicatiion from a team who knows that todays' audience wants one critical ingredient in a movie............A good movie!!!
9) this is bulletted only cuz my whole 4 paragraph review just got )#)#)(#) ed Up due to some digital glitch

10) Cmon why read when u can scream G for Gaddaar!!!

1 comment:

Rejoy said...

the twists where worth it dude... but i had to watch "the blue umbrella" after it to get rid of the dark feeling of mysery arising out of seeing J.G.