Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday?? duh.........the 27th of Feb........

Its a grave tuesday morning, was chirpy in the morning, where the silence was annulled by the maddening ruckus of the furniture drill. Its a rigorous exercise that my mom indulges in, some say its therapy, some call it a ludicrous form of exercise and otherswell.they jsut sleep through it.

My new HD LCD TV, was orphaned last night for a couple of hours, while I let my bed behave as a grave for the overworked soul. I wake up to a complete change of the simple decor that had ordained my so called family room, more of an area, that was a spillover from the staircase landing.

That was my start, and here I am taking the effort to describe it.Hmmmm........
Coffee anyone? BRB.......a couple of eons later.
rock on.

ps: Due to popular demand, i am on with the blog. Its a mood I see, and well if there was anything like disciplined writing I would definitely need a course in that. The people I have seldom seen, who actulally maintain an up to date blog are cyber junkies, journos, horny / shy teenagers, and those who hope that someday their blog is miraculously chosen for the best cyber entertainment/insight award.

Hmmmm.........coming soon........Ekalavya review!!!!! ps: I would hate to write about why we dont havea 29th this year or what happens tpo kids who are born on the 29th of FEB? imagine ud potentially be 15 when u die.......thats's like a dog!!! opk me stopping!!! run!!! G

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