Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Headlines.............maybe too emphatic...just lines from my head

These are lines i actually have written back in the day .
Compiling some of those lines, that slipped through my head via the keyboard.....
In case you haven't' notices the incessant  references to planet G, G, god.....are all hype for the narcissism that lurks freely around the world as we speak.

1) It has come to the notice of the owners of Planet G, that you enjoy indulging in frivolous conversation with very charming,and insanity charged cyber stalkers. At Planet G we try to provide a wholesome under-development of pituitary gland.

2) High livving no thinking- straight opposite of Gandhi

3) We at planet G, hyped up the concept of God 1.1, and then we introduced regional flavours like allah, Ram, Jesus etc. 

4) Lose an eye, lose a hand,
Lose everythin u signatured on,
But if u lose hope my darling,
The battle hasn't commenced at all

5) Planet G............a wholesome entertainment venture that supplies energy to most of the Gobar Gas/bio gas plants in Netherlands, tunisia and west liberia. I'm sure most you dumb asses dont even know where these places are, which Is why i safely  publicized operations there!!!! 


6) Christmas is  a Blessed Season of Love and Birth(ok u teenage girls and overcommitted lovers should not get other ideas)

7) Dude Don't sell ur car - RENT IT out as  service apartment......- u know - leather seats, music system, views on all 4 sides, 24 hours petrol and washer fluid, great proximity to all amenities - Depending on where u are parked.

8) what else - o i bought a ferrari - sold off my ranch in nevada for 12 million more than what i bought it for and taught monica belluci how to kiss better - other than that Sumam gave john abraham tips on hair care .


9) So i figured,before I stare Normalcy in the face , by getting back to work , everyday life...........i wanted to touch base with you and find out how you were getting along. We may not talk much , but because of social evils such as facebook I can stalk you, in the guise of a friend.............(Georgi lets out his evil sinister yawn!!!!!!!).

10 ) Scary that there is more to come eh.................... 


jean said...

u still havent slept have you?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David