Monday, December 13, 2010

Thankappan - Ek Bar aaja aaja

Grammy award nominee – Thankappan’s response on winning a grammy.

Reporter: Mr thankappan, how does it feel?
Thankappan : ONE
Reporter: sorry what?
Thankappan : ek bar
Reporter: ek bar what?
Thankappan : ek bar aaja ajaa
Reporter: sir did himesh steal that from you?
Thankappan: who’s himesh. I know only Jitesh.- my unGle’s AAnty’s cussin.
Reporter: As a MAL, how do you know so many languages
Thankappan: Learnt English from drinking English whisky and hindi from drinking desi tharra. Bar’s have taught me a lot. In fact my first poem was……..

Twinkle twinkle hallo saar,
Can u point me to the closest bar,
Up above that hill so high,
There’s a shack called Mai-tai.

Twinkle twinkle hallo saar,
Do you think they will take my card
After you drink, make sure they swipe
Or your candy ass will be used to wipe.

Twinkle twinkle hallo saar,
Any parting words at last?
Holidays ending, work’s not far
So  please don’t; misbehave at the bar

-          BEV. Da ( pen name for thankappan )

Ps: Guys, I just read this and seriously wonder how you reached till here without pressing the go back button on your browser. This is atrocious. If I were you I would report me to the cops or send me money? Choose.!!!! Season’s greetings…….hic!!! 
(c) Georgi Jose

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maria said...

U shud send this to the real BEV-DA who's on the mission to drink bars dry..were u missing mai tai when u wrote this??
Amazing stuff!! Especially when u reading about alcohol at a veg south indian wedding..:))
see u soon...