Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anvil of 08- Shit-rospective - edition 2- (limited though)

Well its not a bad way of saying the year was bad!!!But hey you learn so much more every year..every day every sec. Its the only way to feel that there is more to life. I personally hate routine- Kills life, but you can only hate it if you do it.
Work - Home - work is a journey that lasts 5 days. Does that term u a workaholic or lazy or un-zestful (forgive me o Swamy Oxfordanti) .
Well coming back to the cycle of life that is twrling the baton of fun in ur face. Is life all about fu - are we working to have fun -or to make money or getting career all set or are we letting work define who we are.
Me - i want to work hard every day- Its the duration that gets to me.
Hmmm.......ideal day -
1) Wake up at 6- possibly walk to the office - max 10 mins (More than that and I'll be friendly with car owning neighbours or jsut buy one again)
2) Reach work- greet watchman- - greet office boy- who brings in mail - I still ove hardcopy post - not talking bout printing emails - bu the real thing. its become a myth- except for Bills.
3) read the paper at work- while the office comp switches on.
4) the Blinds should move and bring in sexy view of 15th floor view -with greenery from mrs. Sex-hai-na's terrace garden.
5) start work - The normal way- Meetings, blah blah, - A movie should always play in my office. Which one - depends on the mood.
6) finsih work at 1:00 -
7) Lunch
8) Put on a nice flick - dose off till 3:15
9) get ready for a game of basketball/ squash - If required and if there is a nuclear holocaust we can go to the gym
10) back home at 6- NIce Shower----------hmmmmmyeah
11) 6:30 - meet people - home, den, pub, coffee shop / event
12) 7:30 - Dinner and meet mroe people
13) Club 3 days a week - rest days in between and Make time to learn something new everyday - 20 mins _ I keep thinking our ability to learn changes our ability to live. I want to learn so much-----
14) Movie / at home - quiet time for me and the loved one.

Now in between this we need to pack in emergency, bill payments, laundry, bill payments, cleaning up, shopping, lil more shopping, birthdays, financial planning, shopping, etc

Question is then what is a holiday--what would u do on the weekend!!!

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